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If you don’t have the headspace or the physical space to think clearly we can be

Your partners in organizational happiness

Our houses have transformed into living, working, playing, everything-ing spaces. We are here if you need to create space in your closet or kitchen, if you're on the brink of a big move, or for small everyday stumbling blocks such as, piles of stuff, disorganized drawers, basement/attic/garage madness.

Curated Spaces home office
We love organizing

What does a professional organizer do?

We will happily alphabetize your spices or de-mystify your basement...

Give us your paperclips, hotel pens, rubber-bands and post it notes of every size! There is not a junk drawer we have met that we don’t love. And a desk surface that we can’t de-clutter.
We dream about bookshel
ves organized by spine color. We can help you declutter any space in your house. 

We will never force you to throw something out - we do gently suggest how others can benefit from what you no longer use.

We label everything!
But we don't judge!

Kids' Craft Closet Decluttered

Move the red slider to reveal before and after.

Before & Happier!

Life is constantly moving.

Our goal is to help you make peace with your current space and prepare for the future with ease.


We guide you on how to create and maintain a functional and curated space you are content to live in and ready to move out of when the time comes.

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Book a free consultation call

Chat with us to learn more about how we work and how we can help.


"Kind and thoughtful"

Maplewood, NJ

Teen room organized
Podcast about moving with Linda and Betsy

Listen to this podcast for some great advice on downsizing.

Our mentor and organizing genius Laurie Palau interviewed us about something we've been doing a lot of lately; helping mostly clients 60+ move to smaller spaces.

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