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Linda Thibodeau Betsy Cahn
Heart organizing

Home is where the heart is!


Even if you can't remember where you put it!

About Betsy Cahn & Linda Thibodeau

We have a serious eye for design and we have a range of skills developed over years of a wide variety of expertise..


When you hire us you are getting:

  • A graphic designer

  • An advertising creative director

  • 2 retail experts

  • A merchandiser

  • A brand re-inventor

  • A ceramicist

  • A non-profit founder

  • A pre-school teacher

  • 2 moms who have raised a collective 4 kids!


We have experience with temperamental toddlers, digital native ADHD teens, and messy husbands. We have survived by being efficient and ORGANIZED! We would love pass on our expertise to you so that you can become organized and stay that way.

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