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They’re the dream team!! I could not have curated my home or prepared my sale without them. Under contract in 7 days… they’re a HUGE part of that. I think they’re the Yin to yang.. you need the both of them to have success. My husband and I were equally stunned and happy with the results. This team is now in my buyer and seller guide as a realtor. They have NO judgement and are totally professional, I think I’ll fly them to my next location, they’re that good!!!

— Carrie, South Orange, NJ


Every day, I sat at my desk, surrounded by piles and piles of papers and junk and every day I said to myself that I would get to it on the weekend. I never did. Within a few hours, Curated Spaces changed my entire work space and with that, changed so much more. Everything was labelled, easy to access, the junk was gone and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. I didn't have to think about "getting around to finally organizing my workspace", something I was overwhelmed by and could not get done for years.

The surprising thing for me was that since Curated Spaces helped me with my work space I have not gone back to my old bad habits. They made everything so accessible and simple that I can continue to put everything back in its place (something I was never able to do).

I would definitely use Curated Spaces again and recommend their services to my friends. It has changed my work and living space but, more importantly, it has changed the way I feel when I sit down to work - lighter and more clear-minded. Priceless!

 Angie, Montreal, Canada

Organized closet
Organized kitchen


I have used Curated Spaces several times to help me organize different areas in my home. We have tackled closets, playroom, and storage areas. Once they completed my first project, I was so relieved and motivated to tackle the next necessary space. Betsy and Linda are quick and easy to work with. I have used them in projects where they work alone and also have worked along side them when I needed to help sort through things. My family and I are so pleased with our freshly organized spaces.

Stephanie, Short Hills, NJ


I was beyond RELIEVED to have Betsy & Linda tackle my youngest’s messy closet. I had given up! They immediately came in and assessed the problem, helped me whittle down to a reasonable amount of essentials, and within 2 hours came up with a labeled basket system. It’s been 3 weeks and he has managed to keep going! Such a relief.

Lara, Short Hills, NJ


Linda and Betsy of Curated Spaces are incredible organizers. We had a large closet aka black hole which was haphazardly packed to the brim. We could not find anything in there and locating something was like an archeological dig. Linda and Betsy took every single item out of the closet to sort, toss, give away, box and label. The closet looks amazing and is so well organized! This year’s Halloween decorating was a breeze, as I could find all of the decorations stored in a box labeled Halloween!
We also had a sunroom that was being used as a storage room. Linda and Betsy helped us give away, sort and store everything, giving us our sunroom back to enjoy as a playroom, office and best napping spot. It is now our favorite room in the house! I would highly recommend them for all organization and decluttering needs. They are life changing!

Wendy, Short Hills, NJ


When I finally admitted that we were never going to find the time to clear out the basement, I called Linda and Betsy. What a relief! I told them what was most important, what wasn’t working, and what needed to go away. And then they took care of all of it! Nearly a year later, with dozens of staff using the space, and it’s still organized. Now when we hire someone new and show them around, "Sprinkle Central” is the highlight of the basement.

 Julie, Maplewood, NJ

Organized kitchen drawers


TO MY PARTNERS IN ORGANIZATIONAL HAPPINESS: Just want to let you know how grateful I am to both of you for jumping in and saving my Thanksgiving sanity! Before you came into my life, I would walk into my kitchen every morning with a sense of underlying dread. I knew that behind every cabinet was a random selection of stuff with no rhyme or reason. And I knew I had to deal with it, but it seemed like such an overwhelming undertaking. Having you two be my partners, and helping serve as an objective party for both me and my mom, was such a gift. Now, I am filled with a sense of calm and peace when entering the kitchen. And both mom and I are ready to tackle Thanksgiving for 24, knowing where everything is and feeling in control of our surroundings! 

Erica, South Orange, NJ


Curated Spaces was amazing-- so easy to work with and totally turned around some spaces that had been giving me agita. Worth every penny!

Sarah, South Orange,, NJ

(We are proud to say that Sarah’s elementary school aged daughter recommended us to her friend next door!)

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