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Organizing Philosophy


Clutter can make your home a stressful place to be. Our goal is to make your home a place that optimizes your productivity and enables you to rest and enjoy time with your family and/or pets! From attic to basement, Home offices, kitchens, pantry, refridgerator, junk drawers, playrooms, garages, 


With our merchandising, retail marketing and design backgrounds we specialize in helping small businesses organize so they can grow to the next level. We’ve helped several local businesses in our town, Maplewood, NJ - from the organization under everyone’s favorite bakery to the selling floor of the most fabulous vintage fashion shop. We LOVE retail and are happy to roll up our sleeves and solve your organizational needs.


One of our most frequent requests is to help with the many aspects of moving. We coordinate with realtors, stagers, and movers during this incredibly emotional and stressful process. We help clear/thin out, pack up and label! We also help you make decisions…what to keep and what to let go of.  And can recommend experts for donations, hauling, recycling, and  up-cycling so that the treasures you do not want will have a new home and you can move into your new home with peace of mind, or at least a shred of sanity!



CLOSET: You need a closet that works for you… 

Do you have a place for all your sweaters/pants/handbags/shirts and shoes and the floor is not an option for all of them! We can help!

Do you have an odd shaped closet …We can help!

We measure/reconfigure and work with The Container Store to create a unique closet that actually holds all your belongings.

GARAGE: How nice would it be to actually know what is in your garage? 

We can customize your space, the help of Gladiator, and Home Depot or Container Store so that you can find your gardening tools, Christmas decorations. sports equipment, pottery equipment, bicycles, or whatever you are keeping in the garage these days. Hey- the car might even fit in!


If you are a do-er but are having trouble getting started, or don't know what products to buy we can help get you started. We come for a consolation and create a custom "Action Plan" for you to implement. Don't worry you won't be all on your own we'll check up on you to help you if you need it.

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